Monday, September 28, 2009


So, I'm stressed..STRESSED. I have two tests, a quiz and two papers due this week. I just don't know where/when/how I'll get it done but dammit, I will get it done. I have to. Although I feel better now that I realize that a test and a quiz are both online. Sooo, I can use my textbook for it. I feel better knowing that. But this other test is really making me anxious. It's for a history class. And all these tests we take are essays. Whyyyy? Why me? I don't like writing essays. But it doesn't help when you throw history into the mixing bowl. =( I'll try my best of these exams and quizzes which is all I can do. I'll be busy busy busy studying whenever I can. Wish me luck please! And have a good week.

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